so is this

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“I have your good clothes in the car

so cut your hair so no one knows

I have your dreams and your teeth marks

And all my fingernails are painted

I’m here to take you now.”


so said w.g. sebald

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“In the white winter everything is dead, during the green winter everything is dying.”


“The final sequence of Antonioni’s La Notte is perhaps the only episode in the whole history of cinema in which a love scene became a necessity and took on the semblance of a spiritual act. It’s a unique sequence in which physical closeness has great significance. The characters have exhausted their feelings for each other but are still very close to each other. As a friend of mine said once, more than five years with my husband is like incest. These characters have no exit from their closeness. We see them desperately trying to save each other, as if they were dying.” (Andrei Tarkovsky: Interviews, p. 78)

black gloves

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Stumbled upon these 3 gloves during a short walk. It also proves that how people are so fed up with winter in the neighbourhood. They would also make an interesting series of photos or found art.

So curious about this! Two of my favourite filmmakers and one of the most interesting, intimate ways of filmmaking. Should absolutely be lovely.

“José Luis Guerin takes an idea coming from Jonas Mekas: film is a response to life. With this concept in mind, they start exchanging a series of letters and develop a personal relationship which reveals the impressions and similarities of two filmmakers linked by their wish to share opinions and concerns. They establish a unique relationship through a correspondence displayed in the eyes of the viewer and in search of his sympathy, thus creating a new intimate space for thought. Correspondences: José Luis Guerin-Jonas Mekas shows the experimentation with the expressive language and the visual reflections of two artists who have found a new form of creation and use of images. The series of exchanged letters involves the activation of different times: the shooting of the first delivery, opening a road at random; the waiting time; the reply, a new letter stemming from the previous one and demanding a new one; and, finally, the time of screening.”

de-form of life

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I have just stumbled upon this artist project on Tarkovksy’s Stalker. Accordingly, in 2005, the English artist Jeremy Millar went to Estonia to track down the shooting locations where Tarkovsy initially shot the famous Zone scenes near an abandoned hydroelectric factory in Talinn. The story has it that the stock shot in Estonia was not properly developed at the Mosfilm, and Tarkovsky would have to re-shoot and re-create some of it in the studio. Millar took his trip to Estonia to  discover, excavate, recompose this piece of  information without any physical reminder of the actual film, except his memory of the individual shots. The result of this project would certainly be an interesting addition to the possible coming video editions (possible blu ray?) of the film. Fingers crossed!

“He traveled without any reminders of Stalker, only his memory of individual shots, some of which he found he could reconstruct. Others remained, as the Stalker says of the Zone, “capricious.” Miller discovered that the interior to one building (in Tarkovsky’s film, the Writer approaches it before the building itself seems to warn him off) bore no relation to its filmed twin: the heart of the Zone, after all, seems to have been invented in a studio in Moscow. The film that results from Millar’s research will be called Ajapeegel, which is Estonian for “Time-Mirror,” and the title of a book on Tarkovsky that Millar found in a second-hand shop in Tallinn.” (Brian Dillon)